The Company

Sylvian Care operates a successful and growing business providing domiciliary care

The Process

Owning a SylvianCare Franchise enables you to own and run

Support & Training

SylvianCare Franchising offers a comprehensive business support

Welcome to SylvianCare Franchising

A SylvianCare franchise offers a proven business model providing highly valued services to the elderly care market for which demand is exceeding supply. As a result, SylvianCare franchising partners operate a proven business model that enhances their local community in a compassionate, yet profitable way.

Why Us

We have over 30 years experience

in Health and Social Care between us, ranging from Nursing, Social Work and Psychology.

We have a growth mindset

meaning that we focus on supporting and developing people within the company which in turn helps the business grow.

We are offering a proven business

model and a recession resistant business with huge growth potential that provides a highly valued service to your local community.

We offer tailored training

to suit your needs, supporting you at every stage of setting up and running of your business.

5.2 billion

industry worth

20% growth of elderly

population by 2024

1 in 6 people

over 80 have Dementia

30+ Years

of experience

Discover the Potential

When considering the rapidly expanding but heavily regulated healthcare sector, a franchise provides the essential know-how and the systems and procedures to enable your business to flourish. With an experienced support team to help our franchise partners grow, a care franchise can be an extremely rewarding business venture. Statistical projections suggest that the population aged 65 and over will increase by 48% between 2015 and 2035, while older people needing care will increase by 65%.

The Company

We now operate a successful and growing business providing care

The Process

Owning a SylvianCare Franchise enables you to own and run

Support & Training

SylvianCare Franchising offers a comprehensive business support

What defines us? – A growth mindset/culture

We believe an organisation that adopts a growth mindset can position itself to thrive by building a culture that is willing to take risks as necessary to the overall development process which we consider is the key to succeed in the long term. We are fostering a culture that believes that skills and abilities can be improved, and thus we are supporting franchise partners, leaders and managers to continually upgrade their skills and practice through a coaching and mentoring strategy.

Combining the know-how of a rewarding business model with a clear understanding of the sector and the challenges and opportunities that it entails, SylvianCare has gained a unique voice within the local care market. With the growth of the franchise network this will create further opportunities for SylvianCare to become a leader in the sector which will in turn enhance the business opportunity for franchise partners.

There are many reasons to become a SylvianCare franchise owner. You will benefit from tailored training to suit your needs and enabling you to offer a proven, profitable service within the elderly care industry.

Whilst there are many home care franchises in the marketplace today, we have taken our time to refine the SylvianCare brand and it’s systems, and we now feel confident that we have gained the expertise and experience through the growth of our own branch and by learning key lessons to allow us to offer our franchise partners a genuine advantage over their competition.

We focus our attention on the elderly care market as this is the sector showing the greatest growth potential in the industry. By not trying to deliver care to meet all types of needs, you can focus, excel and dominate this market in your territory. We target the privately funded care market, allowing you more control and flexibility over your prices as opposed to undertaking large council contracts where you are tied in to delivering care at a lower fixed price.

Finding high quality carers is crucial to the success of every SylvianCare franchise. With their exhaustive, first-hand experience in identifying and recruiting the right people, the SylvianCare management team can help you source the high quality carers you need to help your business grow. All franchise territories are therefore mapped according to the potential labour pool of carers that franchise partners can draw on, as well as the potential client base.