The Sylvian Care Franchisee – Is It You?

By now you should have built up a clear picture about our business and what your role would be as a franchisee. Caring for some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society is a huge responsibility. We are very proud of our brand and the reputation that we have built. As you would expect, we are very particular about whom we grant our franchises to. As we have previously stated you do not need to have a previous history of working in the care sector although it may be advantageous. We are much more interested in you as a person and what motivates you to own this type of business?

Having read the information on this site your next step is to decide if you’re ready to take on this commitment. Buying a Domiciliary Care franchise means embarking on a life-changing rewarding journey, so making sure that this is the right decision for you is important to you and us, as your franchisor.

It is therefore important for you to self-evaluate whether you have the right attributes to run a challenging business within a competitive market.

Developing a Sylvian Care business requires determination. You need an entrepreneurial mindset although we would argue that you shouldn’t be an out and out ‘entrepreneur’ as we will expect you to follow the systems that have made us successful. Have you a track record in managing people, problem solving and multi-tasking, all skills that will come into play as a business owner?

Do you have a financial understanding of Profit & Loss and Cash Flow, crucial for any business owner? Building a successful business is a full time job and often you will be working more hours than you currently do.

Can you allocate sufficient time to develop the business? Remember you are developing a business which can not only provide you with an enviable lifestyle but one which can have an attractive future re-sale value

Finally, do you have the necessary financial means in order to both start your business as well as fund and sustain yourself financially until the business becomes profitable? If not, are you willing to look at funding?

It may sound daunting but don’t worry, we do not expect you to be the ‘finished article’. That is why we devote time and effort into your training and will make sure that you are confident in every aspect of the role before you start to trade.