What Happens Next?

I hope that you have found the contents of our website informative and that they have gone someway to help you in deciding whether or not the care sector is right for you.

More specifically, I hope that you have read enough to make you want to find out more about becoming a Sylvian care business owner.

The next step is easy. You can either: use the Contact Us Button and give us some brief details about yourself or alternatively  book an initial call, at a time to suit you, with our Franchise Consultant Bill Hendrie by using the Schedule Call Button.

You can be assured that Bill’s role is not to ‘sell to you’. The call is simply to allow you to ask questions and fill in any gaps in the information that you may have already gained.

It is the first step in the process of you deciding whether or not Sylvian Care might be the right opportunity for you and indeed us deciding whether you are the right partner for us.

Assuming both parties wish to proceed further then we will arrange an initial meeting at our Head Office with myself, Silviu and my partner Cristina.

We look forward to meeting you.